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Security Testing

Key benefits

* Dedicated team of Security testing experts comprising architects and analysts
* More than 5,00 person months of experience in building and testing business-aligned, scalable, and cutting-edge solutions in the Security space
* Extensive experience in vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing of applications
* Expertise across all key technology stacks, including .NET, J2EE, VC++, and LAMP
* Specialized expertise in complementing segments including E-commerce, Retail, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, and BFSI
* Availability of experts to suggest the required security scope and coverage
* Extensive security test coverage with excellent tracking facilities
* Unique methodology driven by QA thought process
* Derivation of business logic misuse cases from functional cases
* Elaborate report with comprehensive false positive filtering
* Expertise in using both commercial and open-source Security testing tools
* Availability of professionals armed with CEH, CISSP, and PCI DSS certifications