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Cloud Integration Services (Jan 10  2015)

As enterprises are witnessing growth a new set of IT problems are emerging. In today’s scenario the business units have varied options as many cloud solutions and SaaS products are readily available to meet their specific requirements so that they can drive organizational growth.
If we examine the IT landscape of any growing enterprise over the year we will find that over the years the IT landscape has become more complex. This complexity has been pushed more with the subscription of multiple cloud services or SaaS platforms by respective business units and along with the presence of in-premise systems.
In the midst of this storm the CIOs have been caught unaware and struggling to create an ‘IT order’ which is streamlined, have seamless information flow between various existing system, futuristic in approach and inline to CFOs order.
CIOs are weighing different technology options available with them to address the problem in hand. They know the answer to this lies in cloud integration services but it’s difficult for them to figure out, how to evaluate and include cloud integration services as a part of overall cloud computing strategy? Over and above, the most crucial decision for a CIO is how to select a vendor and technology for the cloud integration services.
The cloud integration services includes integration of different cloud services and also cloud integration with the in-premise systems to keep currency of the record updated. So it is important that cloud integration services should be both, business effective and IT optimized. 
Social Media Trends (Dec 2 , 2014)

For any business, having an online presence is essential nowadays. Nearly every one of us throughout the world engages in transactions online. Therefore, it is quite indispensable for companies to execute their marketing endeavors over the internet.
Which platform is the most effective one nowadays for advertising products as well as services? Ask this question to diverse business holders. The common reply will be definitely social media. In relation to Statista, there are by now approximately 1.79 billion users in social media in 2014. Also, it is expected to reach approximately 2.44 billion by 2018. This is undoubtedly going to provide social media a boost as a major marketing platform in the upcoming days.
Nearly every year, new trends emerge in social media. Let’s explore some anticipated trends for the up-coming year.

Go Mobile
Numerous new apps for the social media sites are expected to come up. This is going to make it stress-free for the users to access social media sites, irrespective of the fact, where they are.
Images will be used in a more extensive way.
It is a well-known fact that pictorial contents are easier to recall. Therefore, they are expected to have more effect than their text-based counterparts. Next year, companies are expected to make use of more images for advertising about their business.
Short videos will be used more.
Interactive videos are expected to be the in-thing, in the coming year. Instagram offers exceptional video marketing prospects and is expected to become very popular during 2015.

Emerging trends of SEO (Nov 20 2014)

In our fast changing, Search Engine Optimized world, it’s vital that companies stay in touch with the latest SEO practices to continue to build their brand online.
Let’s see how SEO has changed this year and how to assess whether your business is remaining up-to-date.

Following is a list of 5 new SEO trends:
1.Firstly go mobile. Having a site optimized for mobiles will offer more SEO value than ever. Google provides more value to sites that are mobile-friendly. Through making a company’s online presence more impressive as well as enhancing its website’s SEO value; a good “responsive design” will be able to help a website stay ahead of its competitors.
2.Content is king. High-quality text will always offer decent Search Engine Optimization value for your brand. Even though several people hear content and automatically visualize blogs or whitepapers, but there are other components like videos as well as infographics that can be used excellently while earning high levels of engagement and adding SEO value.
3.Be a good neighbor. Even though getting quality inbound links has always been a major focus for SEO experts, the practice has at times hampered branding efforts. Just keep in mind; both link building as well as effective branding should go well with one another to make the most of benefits. Making use of proactive PR to increase awareness of your website is a vital part of highlighting SEO presence and brand image.
4.Social media is more significant than ever. Even though the fame of your business’s content on social media will not straightaway affect overall rankings, but having positive social signals does benefit Search Engine Optimization. This is mainly correct in the case of Google Plus, where content is more expected to be higher in a person’s search result, if it is in your circle on Google Plus.
5. Google Plus. This offers more value than only facilitating your content rank higher in SERPs for the people who have you in their circles. This is mainly correct if your business distributes loads of thought-provoking content on a regular basis. Right use of Google authorship adds a good author visual that Google pulls from Google Plus — intensely enhancing click-through rates for content containing the image.

Apex Data Loader Overview ( Sep 10  2016)

The Apex data loader is a .net utility used for the bulk import or export of data. We can load any object that has API_Access. The data loader is not a Cloud-based tool rather it’s a desktop utility built for systems running on windows OS.

The operations you can perform by using Apex Data Loader are:

Hard Delete
Export All

Some features of Data Loader are:

  • The Apex data loader is available in few editions which are Unlimited Edition (UE), Enterprise Edition (EE), and Developer Edition (DE).
  • Apex Data Loader supports the CSV (Comma Separated Value) format to import and export of data.
  • It is a useful tool to provide backup and archive your data.
  • It also shows detailed success and error log files in CSV format.
  • The Apex Data Loader also works on Command Line.
  • The Apex Data Loader is an API-based tool used to Import & Export Salesforce data.
  • We can import above 50,000 records using it and also schedule data loads.
  • Salesforce Data can be Exported and Mass Deleted.

Unlike other features of Force.com, the Apex Data Loader is not entirely on Cloud. We need to physically download & install it on the machine to use. 

To get and Install the Apex Data Loader perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to User name | Setup | Data Management | Data Loader.
  • Download the Data Loader.
  • Launch Install Shield Wizard and follow the instructions.
  • Download the Data Loader