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PHP Web Development

PHP is one of the widely adopted and applied scripting level languages. It is used in the development of dynamic, interactive, flexible, compelling websites and web applications. PHP application development, whether for a website or web app, has always been an economical yet the safest technology. In technical term, PHP is a general purpose scripting language planted into HTML source. The source is translated at the back-end through the PHP engine module. The rendered output is a webpage or HTML document.
UPC Software solutions has well-know PHP web developers that know the most functional ways to utilize the power of PHP environment and its capacity. 

 PHP Development Service:

Custom PHP application development: As a leading PHP web development service provider we offer an inclusive range of solutions tailored to the requirement of clients. Our service spectrum covers PHP website development, PHP application development, custom PHP web/website development and allied productive solutions. Each of our services adheres to ongoing industrial standards.

Migration of Web Applications: We provide website migration services from standalone PHP based application to web based platform.

Up-keeping applications: With each PHP web development, we also provide maintenance and support services. We offer these services to ensure consistency in the operation of our client's business. 

PHP development services we provide:

  • Web Portals or Websites - Dynamic or interactive
  • Marketing Websites/Product Websites/E-Commerce Websites
  • Gaming Applications
  • Integrated Web Services
  • Social Networking or Community Websites
  • Tools and technologies supporting PHP:

Core PHP and CodeIgniter


Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Wordpress

The online Database Management System makes PHP a preferred web technology over others. It allows developers easily edit, add and delete information from webpage or web app online.