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HTML5 Web Development

HTML5 is the future of web and web apps which makes it huge. It is exciting and can change the web. It is the next generation of web technology. It supports both mobiles and desktop dynamically. HTML5, together with CSS3 and JavaScript, is the foundation of cross platform web application development.

Our HTML5 application development team, using the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies, designs, develops and implements highly interactive mobile applications for diverse industries. Our HTML5 developers are able to create a variety of applications with industry-grade quality and elevated performance. We better understand the online trends on the web and our experts, with deep insights of client's business, are able to deliver value-added services. We know the best use of audio, video, graphics and animations in an HTML5 application and are able to harness the capabilities of all its features when it comes to mobile application development particularly for a business process.

Our well-thought, ingenious HTML5 application development solutions enhance target audience and deliver friendliest end-user experience. Our infallible services best suit high-profile clients from diverse industry verticals. We apply proven methodologies and match the end-product with universally defined quality standards. Ultimately, we make sure that each of our HTML5 solutions is cross-platform compatible.

HTML5 used:

UPC Software solutions has turned out be a treasured partner for businesses looking for quality HTML5 development. So far, UPC Software solutions has implemented HTML5 to a variety of applications with following requirements:

  1. Cross platform application compatibility
  2. Performing, functionality and feature-rich mobile & web application development
  3. Rich multimedia support
  4. Simplest implementation of dynamic objects
  5. Cross browser compatibility
  6. Robust gaming application development

Why HTML5:

HTML5 is quickly becoming a new web standard. It offers developers convenience to create all the exciting features they want in their mobile & web application development projects. It offers a faster and cheaper way to build any sort & size of application. HTML5 is a modern web technology, and it lets developers do things that were previously impossible. The most interesting thing is that it is a mobile-ready technology.

At UPC Software solutions, have been offering HTML5 web development services to clients from across the globe. With a dedicated team of HTML5 developers, we are able to provide following range of services:

  1. Custom HTML5 Applications
  2. HTML5 Mobile Apps Development
  3. HTML5 application development
  4. Enterprise HTML5 Applications
  5. HTML5 Games Development
  6. HTML5 Social Media Applications
  7. HTML5 Widget Development
  8. HTML5 Apps Testing / Portability
  9. HTML5 Support & Maintenance
  10. HTML5 web development