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Java ME / J2ME Phone Solutions

Java Micro Edition (Java ME) that was previously known as J2ME has enough reputation to be implemented for things beyond imagination. Apart from offering functionalities to calling and texting, Java ME is a powerful technology for mobile games and various other entertainment app developments.
Our J2ME application development team possesses strong analytical skills in programming a variety of Java ME based applications. Our programmers work creatively on clients' ideas and skillfully convert them into real products. We do the complete take care of a client who does not know anything about Java and related technologies. 
Java ME best suits mobile software development. It has been first choice of developers when it comes to providing a robust, flexible, environment for embedded devices and mobile phones. Other devices for which Java ME based app are created include PDAs, TV set-top boxes, various sensors, micro-controllers, printers and more.

Java ME / J2ME Phone Solutions:  

  • Custom J2ME Apps Development
  • Standalone Java ME applications
  • Client-server Java ME Applications
  • Java ME game app development
  • Enterprise Java ME apps
  • Location based Java Me development
  • Java ME apps testing & portability
  • Java ME app support & maintenance


We are world's one of the leading as well as most proficient companies offering dedicatedly designed Java solutions that deliver outstanding user-experience. Our full range of Java ME development services is available for all types of apps.