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Oil & Gas Industry

The Energy and Mining industry is going through a massive transformation aimed at delivering efficiency in operations without compromising safety to function efficiently in a fluctuating demand and supply environment. This shift in thought would necessitate new business models and process innovation across logistics and supply chain disciplines to align with overall business priorities.

As an industry recognized leader in IT solutions that manage upstream logistics, UPCSS has partnered with the world’s leading Oil and Gas companies in their pursuit to achieving logistics excellence. The aviation, marine, land, camp & Personnel On Board flavours of iLogistics supported by add-ons integrates various critical logistics operations under one system and establishes one way of working, globally. With focus on technological innovation and commitment to the industry, UPC orchestrates a strong culture of co-creation along with its customers and complementing solution providers to multiply the value of its solution. Future-proof the upstream logistics segment of your business today to meet/exceed the demands of your stakeholders and partner with UPCSS in your journey to logistics excellence. Our technology solution complemented with our partners, our execution skills, flexible engagement models and unwavering focus on business results will provide you the essential elements to make your journey to excellence a success.