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Real Estate ERP

As a Real estate developer there is a lot of activities that has to be streamlined for a smooth project execution. Material management is a key issue that has to be addressed.Building materials and related items have to be readily available when and where ever required for everyday efficient operations.

1.    Material acquisition
2.    Stock Control (Inventory)

•    Easy importing and exporting with Microsoft Excel
•    Shared database
•    Maintains suppliers for each item and their most recent price
•    Store unlimited number of items (including non-stock) for multiple locations
•    Highly secure and reliable
•    Generate reports for various operations

•    Estimation
•    Contractor’s claim/ Comparison Report
•    Estimation Item based Report
•    Indent Pending Report
•    Purchase Order cancel Report
•    Issue Details Report
•    Material Estimation vs Material Actual
•    Labour Estimation vs Labor Actual
•    Combined Reprot
•    Bill Passing
•    Sales Tax Report
•    Site Monthly stock statement
•    DMR report
•    GRN Report
•    Material Request
•    Issue
•    PO Pending
•    Material Pending

•    Efficient material management customized around your business
•    Track an unlimited number of inventory items for any number of locations
•    One information source for multiple locations
•    View entire stock and purchase details with a click of a button
•    Automatically generate vendor invoices from receipts for maximized efficiency
•    Easy report generation
•    Full control over stock and material purchase
•    Improved business

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