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Cross Platform Mobile App Development


When it comes to mobile application development, businesses can set themselves free from platform dependencies if they go mobile through the way of cross-platform mobile application development. Often budget and time constraints are the major causes of restricting a business to a single platform, but cross-platform mobile application development is the ultimate solution. These apps are powered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and rich experience of mobile application developers adds native look & feel to them.
We at Rapidsoft Technologies offer the best of the cross platform mobile application development solutions to help businesses quickly and economically go mobile. With the use of a single codebase, we are able to implement it to multiple mobile and web platforms.

The approach:

  •  Creating the research-based cross-platform application development strategy by understanding the requirements of clients.
  •  Interacting with clients during the research phase and developing the idea according to the feasibility of available technologies.
  •  Assessing the on-hand infrastructure to realize the idea into reality.
  •  Propelling the development with full pace regardless of the type or size of the project.
  •  Passing the end-product through rigorous testing phases to ensure its free from bugs.

Corona SDK: 

Corona SDK is slowly but steadily carving its niche in mobile application development industry. Developers are using it as a quick and simple development tool for building mobile games based on Android and iOS platforms.

Corona SDK mobile application developers at UPC Software solutions have built almost all sorts of apps for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook. They know how to use Corona platform which is built based on ongoing industry standards like OpenGL, Box2D, SQLite and OpenGL2.0, and can add cinematic effects with the end-product.


HTML 5: 

HTML5 is the new web standard. It's ultrafast and gets implemented cost-effectively. It's the future of modern web. It makes the impossible possible. The most amazing trait of HTML5 is - it supports mobiles.
Mobile application development industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Every industry vertical is now touched by mobile application development technology. Software developers around the world are nowadays majorly focusing on mobile platform and pushing businesses to get mobile. Even web development industry is focusing on mobile platforms. Web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, JQuery, etc are being worked out to be compatible with mobile platforms.

JQuery Mobile: 

JQuery mobile is a speedy technology to build user interface for mobile web apps. Apps coded using JQuery Mobile practically supports any web-enabled device.

With JQuery Mobile framework, our mobile developers design a single website or app that can work on all the platforms in trend. Even desktop platforms can be covered by JQuery Mobile framework. With using this framework, mobile developers at UPC Software solutions are able to build apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada, WebOS, Symbian, MeeGo and lots of others.