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Hospitality ERP Development

Any hospital, laboratory or clinic needs an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly software, so that it can function to the best of its capabilities. Clinic mantra UPCSS provide online ERP suite which provides just these features. It is a web-based hospital information management system, consisting of independent software modules, which can be integrated to work as a complete system, or which can be used separately.
As this system is online, the data can be accessed from any location, at anytime. Some of the features of Clinic mantra are its versatility, user-friendliness, integrated design, ease of customization, graphical user interface, fast installation process and complete database-driven nature. It has a centralised database and is extremely handy, especially for large-scale hospitals, as it is able to address all the functional areas.
Portability is another important feature and this software can run on virtually any standard hardware platform. The client does not need to worry about the security of his data , as there are strict measures taken to secure the data.The software has multiple levels of security. In case of a system failure, which is extremely rare, the data can be easily recovered.
Clinic Mantra Hospital Management Software Modules!
•    Address Directory
•    Ambulance
•    Backup and Restore
•    Billing & Daily Transactions
•    Blood Bank
•    Budgets
•    Certificates Issue
•    Communication
•    Costing
•    Central Sterilized Supply 
•    Department (CSSD)
•    Dental
•    Diet
•    Doctors Workbench
•    Donation
•    Emergency / Casualty
•    Energy Audit
•    Equipment Maintenance
•    Facility Management
•    Financial Accounting
•    Help desk
•    Housekeeping
 Modules: 2
•    ICD-10 Diagnosis
•    Inventory and Fixed Asset
•    Laboratory Information System(LIS)
•    Library Management
•    Medical Research
•    Medical Store Management
•    MIS Reports
•    Nurse Module
•    Online Room Management
•    Operation Theatre Management
•    PACS & Teleradiology
•    Patient Module
•    Patient Registration
•    Payroll
•    Physiotherapy
•    Procurement management
•    Radiology Information System(RIS)
•    Roster
•    User Management and Authority System
•    Ward Pharmacy / Inventory
•    Waste Management
 Clinic Mantra Hospital Management System Features
1.    Centralised Database system
2.    User Friendly design
3.    Complete database Driven
4.    Easy to be customized
5.    Modular Structure
6.    Graphical user interface
7.    Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules
8.    Easy to install, Easy to maintain
9.    Voice tutors of complete software operations
10.    Graphical Presentation of MIS. Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis.
11.    Single window view to locate patient Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical History, clinical notes, OT details etc
12.    General and Standardized Health Packages for the OPD & IPD Patients generated.
13.    Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility.
14.    Easy Query Handling for instant decision of Bed Allocation for Patients, and request for the Bed Transfers.
15.    Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information related to Patient.
16.    Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas.
17.    Multiple Store Accounting.
18.    Interface facility with the Smart Card Technology.
19.    Interface with the Bar Code.
20.    Interface with Biometric Devices
21.    Interface with various Laboratory Equipments for Data Capturing.
22.    HL7, HIPAA Compliance programming. ICD 10 Incorporated
23.    Connect multiple branches of Hospitals. Access patient record from anywhere
24.    Remote accession of database for instant support
 Clinic Mantra Hospital Management System Services 
•    Physicians & Nursing
1.    Order investigations electronically by giving direct orders to laboratories
2.    Prescribe patient treatment electronically
3.    Single window view to locate patient and hospital information
4.    Obtain patient data on mobile devices
•    Effective Search Facility to search any type of information related to patient
•    Selection of ward, room and bed
•    Interface with the barcode and biometric devices to match patients and their medications
Emergency Department
•    Management of emergency department workflow using a tracker
•    Easy query handling for instant decision of bed allocation for patients, and request for bed transfers
•    Electronic order of reports, medication for patients
•    Schedule and prioritize surgeries as per patient records and surgeon availability
•    Create complete economic documentation of pre and post operative care for patients
•    Easy tracking facility for stocks of drugs
•    Expiry date warning of drugs, provided electronically
•    Date-wise drug issue report
•    Interface with various laboratory equipments with data capturing
•    Electronic transfer of laboratory reports to doctors and physicians
•    Generation and storage of various test reports
•    Track the spread of infectious diseases
•    Scheduling of physiotherapy treatment
•    Access to patient records for allocation of exercises
•    Review of patient progress during physiotherapy treatment
•    Distribution of PACS images using state-of-the-art technology
•    Easy access to archived images through existing networks
•    Availability of lossless image quality from anywhere in real time, at anytime

 Health Information Management 

Medical Records
•    Generation and allocation of a unique permanent patient registration number
•    Easy access to patient OPD / IPD history and billing information
•    Issue certificates of birth, death, fitness and sickness
•    Schedule various resources depending on their availability
•    Check that there are no scheduling conflicts
Information Technology
•    Modular structure of software
•    Graphical user interface
•    Highly secured, user-wise authentication of modules
•    Easy to install, easy to maintain
•    Authentication and verification of entries through audit trail facility
•    HL7, HIPAA compliance programming, ICD-10 incorporated
•    Instruct the kitchen about patients diet
•    View patients complete diet within a given date range

MIS and Services

•    Maintain patients billing records
•    Databank of CGHS easily available
•    Availability of bill pattern of any insurance company
•    Automatic posting of charges for services of consultant, operation, surgery, anaesthetist and laboratory
Human Resources
•    Search facility for staff duty chart
•    Complete employee records easily available
•    Generation of salary and payslip
Supply Chain
•    Facility to keep equipments and instruments inventory
•    AMC records maintained with service and work orders
•    Records of previous service easily available
•    Obtain reports about the overall hospital performance
•    Set comparative benchmarks and maintain corrective action plans for better management
•    Obtain costing information to make policy decisions to increase hospital efficiency
•    Set and manage accurate and high performance department budgets