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Performance Testing

Modern-day global web applications are dynamic and distributed in nature to facilitate horizontal and on-demand scalability. These applications necessitate validation of the quality of user experience and performance. Such aspects make Performance testing fundamentally different from and increasingly complex than regular benchmarking.

Establishing precise, purpose-driven Performance testing to address core principal concerns of the application behavior is critical. We engineer Performance testing solutions based on our meticulous understanding of various dimensions of applications such as business SLAs, sub-components, platforms, configurations, and the spread of performance tooling.


* Focused and dedicated Specialized Test Engineering Group.
* Purpose-engineered, comprehensive performance procedures and processes.
* Specialization in emerging Performance testing areas using commercial, open-source and Application Performance Management (APM) tooling.
* Expertise in building on-demand and scalable Performance test lab using cloud services and open-source tools.
* Comprehensive Performance test coverage: User experience, infrastructure consumption, application and code behavior, non-functional SLAs.
* Platform expertise: Windows, LAMP, Java, mobile, cross-platform applications implemented on cloud, on-premise, virtualization, and distributed computing.

Accelerators: These include a test framework skeleton for open-source tools; system monitoring automated reusable scripts; on-demand scalable clouds lab provisioning automation framework.