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Travel Booking Engine

Why Us
•    Superior Technology
•    Latest Online Marketing Tactics
•    Real, Measurable Results
•    No hidden costs
•    Contingency support services provided by UPCSS help-desk
•    Experience and Proven Track Record

1.    Flight booking engine
2.    Car Booking Engine
3.    Bus Booking Engine

•    Easy to set up, easy to use
•    Powerful and user-friendly graphical interface
•    Customizable look and feel
•    Integrated Internet Booking Engine
•    Provide B2B gateways to Agents, Affiliates and consolidators website, who can sell your services
•    Advanced operational control
•    Content management system to change and update content on the website
•    Electronic Ticketing
•    Service Fee
•    Temporary block/auto release function
•    Multiple Payment Gateway integration
•    Multiple payment modes – net banking features
•    Full backend system to maintain user groups, routes, route fares, accounts, transaction, payments, contents, trips and packages, boarding passes and ticket details


Travelers Interfaces

1- User registration & login
•    Search availability for a particular day.
•    Make booking/reservation online
•    View & update profile information
•    View booking history
•    Cancel reservation request
•    Save/Change Itinerary
•    View, generate & print invoice
•    Agent Interfaces

2- Agent registration & login
•    View & update profile information
•    Password retrieval facility
•    Make reservations for clients
•    View commission
•    Cancel reservation request
•    Save/Change Itinerary
•    View, generate & print invoice

3- Affiliates Interfaces
•    Affiliate registration & login
•    View & update profile information
•    View commission
•    Travel Portal Administrator interfaces

4- User Management
•    Agent Management
•    Affiliate Management
•    Commission management
•    Category Management
•    Booking Management
•    Content Management
•    Negotiated Contracts Management
•    Site and Travel Specials Management
•    FAQ Management

Benefits of Travel Booking Engine
•    Increased Sales
•    Expanded Customer Base
•    Provide Customers valuable information about your business
•    Business available 24/7/365. Never Close
•    Build Customer Loyalty
•    Reduction of Marketing and Advertising Costs
•    Integrated Email alerts to customers confirming their booking
•    Real time seat management for the agents and sub agents
•    Reduction in inventory management and per unit administration cost due to high sales turnover.
•    Timely management of Accounts and cross functional reports
•    Centralized data storage

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