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QA Testing Processes

 Evaluation metrics

For every project that UPCSS undertakes, a Quality Assurance Plan and a Quality Test Plan are prepared at the launch of the project. These plans outline all the activities to be performed to meet the quality objectives from the client’s perspective. Following are a few of the metrics:

* Review efficiency
* Defect density
* Defect detection efficiency
* Schedule or effort variance
* Percentage defect distribution (as per module, priority, or resource)
* SQA audits are carried out to evaluate the progress of the project and ensure that every project meets the limits defined at the organizational level.


* World-class QA process model
* Mature and proven processes customized for project methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile (Scrum, XP, TDD), Iterative, and Spiral
* In-house QA training team to train and ramp-up QA engineers
* Informative and concise artifacts for every phase of the test cycle
* Detailed reporting: status, defect trends, and quality of code
* Tight coupling between defect metrics and testing to continuously improve team productivity and product quality